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MX Block Chain Integrated Technology to
lead the Fourth Industry Revolution - Factor Block Chain

Connect existing blockchains with Factor Blockchain DAPPs

Factor is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a decentralized operating system powered by a coin mining algorithm creating a blockchain.

What makes this operating system different is its ability to run all kinds of Decentralized application initially developed for other decentralized OS. (Ethereum , Neo , EOS) Therefore Factor MX blockchain is the decentralized operating system that can run the most DApps.

Factor archives this with its innovative Factor Hash Function, running many hash algorithm and provides the user with high-speed, scalability, connectivity, and security. Factor will play an important role in Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Factor blockchain applicable to the Fourth Industrial Revolution

In order to use the blockchain technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the main block must be able to support many hash function to support the different kind of transactions generated by new technologies and IOT devices.

There is currently so much data that are being tracked in our everyday lives, from simple things such as smartphones and social media, to major industries (such as the medical, food, scientific research, and in the public sector).

The Factor MX Blockchain can be used to track all of this information and make what was previously impossible easily accessible. The quality, speed, and security of the Factor MX Blockchain makes our technology one of the best ways to gain access to and interpret all of this previously inaccessible information, serving both industries and the general public.

Main Block operations

There are 26 hash function in the main block, which are compatible with each other, and unlike existing block chains, new hash functions can be added in the future.

MX node

Factor uses a patented node communication protocol inspired from hashgraph.

Factor DAPP (Factor Integrated Development Environment IDE)

Factor DAPPs eliminate the inconvenience of using different programming languages. Factor developer environment makes everything easier.

Blockchain is often referred to as a distributed ledger.

In other words, it is a technology for storing and managing data in a decentralised manner. Blockchain combines multiple transaction records to form a block of data. Blocks are connected together to form a chain. Data are passed around the world by P2P method and stored in a distributed manner, making all transactions reliable and secure.

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